PR & Media Relations

PR and media relations are our bread and butter here at Front Door Communications, and we like to get coverage that actually drives sales.

Co-founded by an ex-BBC journalist and a PR professional with 20 years' experience, we like to think we know a bit about PR.

Knowing how to speak 'journalist' and get the best publicity for your brand is a difficult task, but thankfully it's where we're most at home.

Do you need more exposure for your business and products?

Are you hoping to change your public image?

Are you on a recruitment drive?

At Front Door Communications, we can help. From tech startups to construction firms, we provide support with corporate and crisis communications, outreach and media relations. We can also help with business award entries if you're looking to boost your brand's credibility.

If you work with us, we will aim to get your business into the publications you want to be seen in – whether this is online, in national or regional newspapers, on social networks or on broadcast media.

Anyone who's tried to go it alone knows that it can be incredibly hard trying to get into the media. It's not just a case of writing a press release and pressing "send". There's a lot more that goes into getting coverage in the press.

We work with businesses to identify the objective before putting fingers to keyboards and we will be honest with our clients about what makes a news story - for example, we can already tell you that your new website is not news. Sorry.

Whether you're a start-up, small business or global enterprise, we love finding the news stories in your business and working with you to get these seen.

If you'd like to hear more about our PR services, get in touch here.

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