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What I’ve Learnt After Three Months in a PR Agency

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As Front Door Communications reaches its 3rd birthday, we say farewell to the ‘startup club’, and hello to an exciting chapter THREE. Three really is the magic number at the moment as our third birthday also coincides with our newest employee’s ‘work-iversary’ of three months at Front Door. So with three months under her belt as a PR exec and three years under our business belts, communications executive, Annie Harding shares three articles that have been most helpful during her initiation into the world of agency life at Front Door:

I was far from a being a touch-typing, story-selling, crisis-managing PR-guru that is the standard here at Front Door Annie Harding, Communications Executive

1) What do PR agencies do?

Before starting at Front Door, I was far from a being a touch-typing, story-selling, crisis-managing PR-guru that is the standard here at Front Door. In fact, I was pretty clueless and often found my tongue tied when it came to the question “OK, but what actually is PR?” In light of this, the number one article on my list has to be: What do PR agencies do? – It sounds basic, but for those of you who think that PR is a magical, mystical industry full of snake oil, this might help you see what an agency actually does.

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2) LinkedIn – Five tips

Up next on my reading list is this article about how to do LinkedIn. Often miss-placed at the bottom of the priority pile, LinkedIn is worth investing in and this article helped me to understand the importance of giving my profile a good old spring clean.

3) Write amazing press releases

Last, but not least, is my press release user manual: Write amazing press releases. To prepare for the sometimes daunting task of writing and pitching a press release, I read and re-read these top tips. It is now my bible for fine-tuning my writing and I still regularly reference it.

These are just a few of the FD blog posts that have helped me ‘fake it until I make it’ in the fast-paced world of PR.

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Annie Harding is Communications Executive at Front Door Communications. She has previously worked for large advertising & marketing agencies including Ogilvy UK and has worked on campaigns for Mitsubishi Motors, British Heart Foundation & Boots.

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