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My work experience week at Front Door Communications

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Being a student currently studying A-level Psychology and hoping to continue with the subject further in university, PR crossed my mind as a different possible area to look into for a work experience opportunity, rather than the usual doctor’s office or GP reception. Front Door kindly accepted my request to join them for a week without hesitation. Their enthusiasm made me very excited to start.

I started the week with a full day in the office with Kath and Beth. Initial tasks included scheduling tweets and learning the ins and outs of travel insurance (including entering the mind-set of a pensioner with heart disease trying to bag the best insurance deal!). This was a great start for me particularly as I wasn’t expecting some of the company’s live client work to be left in my amateur hands. As such, it was a good introduction and an opportunity to get to know the clients Front Door are working with. The relaxed and positive atmosphere of the office, alongside the never-ending stream of tea and coffee, also kept me feeling happy and motivated to do my work.

On my second day I attended a meeting alongside Kath and Lynsey to meet with a fairly new client of theirs. Kath kindly asked if I could join the meeting knowing the client’s company would be of great interest to me. The meeting gave me a much clearer insight as to what their job entails and enabled me to really see where aspects of psychology can be applied to PR. I then returned to the office to do some research work which I have come to realise is a very important part of PR and also could not be a better job for me as it is also a key aspect of psychology.

I felt as though the Front Door team really took my interests into consideration and gave me jobs that massively played to my strengths. The rest of the week consisted of those. My favourite jobs with them were researching the psychology of teambuilding as well as writing a blog post about the psychology of marketing for their website. Not only were these another great way of furthering my understanding of PR but I could’ve been given any job and yet I was given ones that I would thoroughly enjoy. As well as this, the layout of the office allowed me to be a part of discussions and also listen in on discussions and decision making on a daily basis. This showed me not only how companies work but also what makes a good team.

All my work was greatly appreciated and I was made to feel useful and an asset to the team. I felt as though I was given such a broad insight of PR as well as a useful experience of work to take with me into the future. Thank you Front Door!

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