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Meet Rosie Johns, our New Account Manager

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Introductions are always a bit nerve wracking, aren’t they? Well my name’s Rosie, and I’m the new Account Manager here at Front Door. I wanted to tell you a bit about my background and what my role here will be. So, where do I start?

How I got into marketing:

A lot like FD’s brilliant Bethan Rees, I read English Literature at Cardiff University and jumped straight into the world of book publishing. I started off working on audience development, later taking on PR, outreach, events, on-site SEO and everything else as a solo marketer.

After spending some time in the arts sector and embracing my creative side, I moved onto agency life. And now, after spending a year and a half specialising in digital content creation (blogs, social media, on-site copy and all that goodness) I’m here at Front Door!

My marketing niche is...

Data, metrics and all things digital. This started in the publishing sector, where I was expanding on traditional marketing activities and considering the bigger picture.

Now, a key focus of mine is how brands exist in the online space – how they rank in the SERPs (search engine results pages), and how they’re perceived by their audiences. There are so many small tweaks you can make when you know what to look for, and together they make a huge difference.

I like seeing the impact of the work I do in real time with real figures (doesn’t everybody?) and I’m not scared off by mammoth Excel spreadsheets. I sort of like them actually.

When I'm not working, I like to...

Get creative. To be fair I do a lot of that in work too, but in my free time I’m more hands-on – I have a pottery studio and make all sorts of things, from mugs to miniature houses. I also embrace my inner granny with things like crochet and embroidery.

A selection of mugs and pottery items

When I’m not doing any of those things, I’m usually cwtching with my rescue dog, Mojo. We’re pretty similar – we both like lounging around a lot, eating and early nights! I was beyond thrilled when I found out Mojo could join me in the office. If anyone asks, his official role is Chief Morale Officer.

I also like to learn new skills. I’m busy at the moment with Welsh lessons (dw i’n trio dysgu Cymraeg, ond dw i ddim yn dda eto!) I’ve been trying to learn how to rollerblade for the last year too, but I’m having less success with that.

At Front Door, I'll be...

Lending my digital expertise to some of our lovely clients and managing a range of marketing activities, from site optimisation to PR campaigns. I’m looking forward to building relationships with everyone, gathering more in-depth knowledge about each brand, and adding my creative side into the mix.

Want to know more about me or ask a question? Drop me an email for a chat.

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