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GDPR and Privacy Statement

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It has arrived, yes that dreaded GDPR acronym – which has the actual letters PR in it and makes us even more paranoid – so we’ve decided to write a GDPR and privacy policy so everyone knows where we are when it comes to your personal data and privacy.

Front Door Communications Ltd is a PR and Digital marketing company, working in the B2B and B2C sectors. We work with businesses in the insurance, finance, entertainment, construction and tech sectors, to name but a few.

The personal data that Front Door Communications uses whether you are a journalists, freelancer, client, employee or partner agent, such as email addresses and telephone numbers, are used to contact you with PR and marketing or work-related information which Front Door Communications deems as being of a legitimate interest to your work and business.

Any business cards any members of the Front Door Comms team receive, which include personal data, are also deemed as being data of a legitimate interest, as it was shared by the owner of that data.

Front Door Communications will not share any personal data without the express consent of the owner of that data.

If at any point you wish to opt out of our PR mailing list, or wish us to delete you from our records, we will do so immediately. Just email

All of Front Door Comms staff members are fully aware of how to handle personal data and their responsibilities under GDPR. Personal data is held in a safe and secure place.


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