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Front Door Turns 5!

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Five years ago to the day, Front Door Communications was born. Hurrah!

We are beyond chuffed to reach this milestone – albeit we almost forgot about it!! As a rule, we really don’t like talking about ourselves, so writing about our five-year milestone feels a little awkward. But there’s also that thing about “stopping and smelling the roses…” so s*d it, we’re going to write about being here for five years and enjoy the moment.

The Front Door Team: Then and Now

We started in January 2017 as a team of two: Kathryn Chadwick, and me. Having worked in journalism, PR and digital marketing for a number of years, we combined our knowledge and experience with the aim of creating something a bit unique – a PR and marketing agency with a warm and tailored approach.

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Five years on, we are now a team of eight whole people, which is awesome. We’re thankful for everyone who’s supported us along the way – we’ve been lucky enough to work with some amazing people who’ve helped us in so many ways and we could not be more grateful to our lovely clients, our families, our freelance angels, the people who do our accounts so we don’t have to, and anyone who’s listened to us have a moan.

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We’re a perfectly balanced bunch, mixing PR nuts with digital marketers. We’d also like to think that as the Front Door team has grown, it hasn’t lost any of its warmth. We always have biscuits in the office – and even an office dog now too!

The Highlights

It’s tough to narrow it down, but here are our top five company highlights – one for every year we’ve been in business.

1: Our first awards do as a company, and for one of our clients who swept the board.

2: Our first ever trip to Green Man.

3: The opening of the Philharmonic in Cardiff.

4: Securing our first client over the bridge – we plan to do more of this too.

5: Our first client recommendation and testimonial – which is how we have since built our business and secured more clients.

The Memories

We have a lot of fun here at FD. We asked the team to have a think back and tell us about their favourite memories, and this is what they said…


“The World Book Day where we all dressed as Harry Potter characters was one of the most fun days at work I've ever had...especially as no one else in the building was doing anything similar!”


“Yes Jess – I remember World book day well, when the rest of the team forced me to dress up as Harry Potter. The rest of them looked amazing, but I’m not sure I was a believable Harry!


“Running around Green Man festival and seeing so much joy in Kath’s face as she rode off in a buggy after a long day of walking.”


“Moving offices for the first time down from that tiny little three person room upstairs into what seemed like a MASSIVE space. Little did we know we’d have to get a bigger office another three times in as many years!”


“Bringing Mojo the dog into the office for the first time and watching everyone fall in love with him – I knew I’d found a great team straight away!”


“Being invited on a ‘Work’ Christmas do before I was officially an employee! And starting employment in Lockdown No. 3.”


"Working with an amazing bunch of clever women, eating endless amounts of cake (to give us brain power of course) and working in one of the loveliest offices in Cardiff. Oh, and the Christmas dos are pretty good too!"

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What’s Next?

Five years is a hell of a milestone – but what have we got planned for the next five (or ten)?

We’ve always prided ourselves on doing PR and marketing differently – looking at what the client wants first and foremost, and working with them to achieve that. Whether that be with digital marketing, content writing, award entry writing, digital PR or traditional PR. We always wanted to be an extension of our clients' internal marketing team – and we are told that we achieve that.

So, let’s think... We intend to do much of the same for the next five years. Offering our clients what they want and what they need – and working with the best in the business (photographers, web designers, advertising teams) to deliver our clients the comms and marketing support they need to make their businesses a success.

That's it in a very large nutshell.

Want to Get Involved?

If we sound like the team for you, let's talk! Get in touch today and we can chat about your own plans for the future.

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