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Ding Dong - April 2019

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Welcome to FD Comms’ round up of goings on in the world of PR, social and web content. This month, we welcome some new clients into the fold, embraced awards season, went on a career date night and even did a bit of cheeky PR for ourselves!

With a bit of a breather from Brexit, we enjoyed not having our morning papers filled with the latest goings on at Westminster. It almost seemed like the Gods agreed by giving us a brief heatwave over the Easter Bank Holiday. Those of us who studied English Lit will know about pathetic fallacy and it certainly felt like the mood of the nation was reflected in the sunshine. Despite not getting a definite outcome, just a break from the politics itself was a welcome change.

Brexit and EU signs in front of the houses of parliament

On our own home turf, we welcomed some new clients into the FD home in the form of training provider, Portal, and FinTech Wales. Portal provides a range of training opportunities, qualifications and resources supporting professionals working at all levels across teaching, managerial and business-based roles. We are absolutely thrilled to be helping them with their PR.

And speaking of training, if you find that you overlook the importance of training when it comes to your career ….or if you get complacent and, dare I say it, bored of your job, why not add some spice to the mix and go on a training course? I did, and I was walking on air afterwards…

Elsewhere, we also supported the launch of FinTech Wales which is a new, not-for-profit independent membership organisation set up to champion the FinTech and Financial Services industry in Wales. With coverage in the Western Mail, South Wales Argus, Finextra and BQ Live, the launch could not have gone better. If you are keen to know more about the organisation and its updates, you can join the rest of the FinTech community here.

Emma Williams of Credas accepting her award

In the midst of application fever, it can be hard to remember why awards are important for businesses. But it’s not just about the night out and the chance to wear a snazzy outfit, awards are an important way to build credibility for your organisation – both internally and externally. If you’re shortlisted, it’s something for the whole organisation to get behind – an excuse to shout about what you’re doing. Externally, it’s a great excuse to network and get your name in front of people who may not know about you… Jess Childs extols the virtues of awards in her latest update for Post Box. If you’re umming and ahhing about entering, it’s worth a read.

We also took a bit of time this month to think about what businesses can learn from the Avengers – if you’d like to know how we can all learn from Marvel’s superhero A-team, this article at Elite Business is a great read and even includes a quote from our own Lynsey Walden! Fancy eh?

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