Solar Buddy sunscreen applicator

Solar Buddies

Solar Buddies was invented by friends Laura Griffin and Kelli Aspland, Cwmbran mothers who were concerned about how their children were protecting themselves from the sun whilst at school.

The two mums were aware that there was nothing on the market which helped children independently apply sunscreen and that many of the traditional sun cream bottles and applicators were very difficult for children to use on their own, so they designed the Buddies to make things easier for parents and teachers.

Since then, the Solar Buddy has been a huge is sold in multiple retailers throughout the UK and even sold out in June 2017 due to huge demand! Front Door Communications looks after the PR and social media marketing for the Solar Buddies team. Laura and Kelli have been featured in The Daily Mail, Femail magazine, the BBC.

The Front Door team also look after the Solar Buddies Facebook advertising campaign and have helped to significantly reduce their cost of acquisition through this channel. 

The Front Door Communications team are like an extension of our own business - no matter what time of day or how random the question, they’re always on call and willing to help. They look after our PR and digital marketing activity and have helped us reduce our cost of acquisition through social media marketing, as well as look after our profile in the press. We have been consistently impressed with their creativity and professionalism and they really think about what will work for your business, not just creating campaigns for the sake of it. Kelli and LauraFounders, Solar Buddies
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